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Cold Weather Update

Posted on Jan 11, 2024

With extreme cold temperatures in our area, we're reminding families to take extra caution as cold weather can make getting to and from school a challenge. Please take some time to review the following important information.

Medicine Hat Catholic Schools are unlikely to close due to snowfall/cold temperatures and will remain open while providing a safe, warm, and secure environment for students. Families can assume schools are open unless directly informed by the school or the school board office. Information regarding school closures will always be shared directly with families via SchoolMessenger email and SMS text. School closure announcements will also be posted promptly on the division website, Facebook, and Instagram as well as shared with local media. 

Students will be kept inside the school building when the temperature is -20˚C or colder (including the windchill factor). 

During the winter months, roadways may become congested and slick resulting in an increase in traffic and bus delays. Bus delays can be caused by increasingly cold and stormy weather. Please use the My School Bus Monitor to find out about any delays. Cold temperatures may also cause unexpected mechanical issues for cars and school buses. It's best to ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the cold as buses can cool off very quickly.

Children should be well prepared for the weather and clear instructions should be laid out on how long to wait for the bus and what they should do if the bus doesn't arrive. Children should never be left at the bus stop without emergency back-up arrangements.

Back-up care arrangements should be in place if school buses or other means of transportation are delayed. It's important for children to have a warm place to stay both before and after school.

For any and all questions, feel free to reach out to the Catholic School Board Office at 403-527-2292 or Southland Transportation Ltd. Stay safe and warm!