French Immersion

Did you know:

No French language background is required. Parents do not need to speak French. French Immersion is suitable for any child.

Knowing a second language:

  • Increases your child's personal pleasures such as the enjoyment of literature, art, music, theatre, travel, and personal relationships;
  • Increases your child's understanding of and respect for other peoples and other cultures;
  • Gives your child access to a larger pool of information and to more educational and career opportunities.

Learning a second language:

  • Develops your child's listening and learning skills as well as self-discipline;
  • Increases cognitive abilities, creating a more flexible thinker;
  • Enhances his/her knowledge of and ability to communicate in his/her first language;
  • Makes learning a third or fourth language much easier.

We Offer French Immersion from Early Learning (Ages 3-5), Kindergarten and Grades 1 – 12.

Offered at École St. John Paul II School (K-6), St. Mary's School (7-9), Monsignor McCoy (10-12)