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Differentiated Support

Differentiated support approaches are used within classrooms to tailor instruction and support to the specific needs of the students within the class. Differentiated Support Approaches consists of the efforts of teachers to respond to learner variability within the classroom. Teachers differentiate a range of instructional and learning elements based on student readiness, interest, and/or learning profile including content, process, products and the learning environment. School Support Teams, consisting of school administrators, Learning Support Teachers, School Liaison counselors and school-based therapy services work with classroom teachers to implement strong and effective differentiated approaches to flexibly respond to the range of learner diversity in classrooms, resulting in fewer learners requiring targeted or individualized support. 

The following personnel and structures facilitate the design and delivery of differentiated learning and wellness supports within each MHCBE schools: 

  • Learning Support Teachers (LSTs): LSTs work with classroom teachers to plan and implement differentiated strategies to support the range of learners within the classroom. This may at times involve the LST co-teaching with the classroom teacher for a period of time or in the process of setting up differentiated structures. 
  • Learning Assistants: Under the direction of teachers, learning assistants work directly with students individually or in small groups to deliver activities that reinforce and advance their wellbeing and educational program. 
  • Collaborative Team Meetings: School staff meet regularly in smaller groups to celebrate successes for students, identify students with key issues, and determine and support each other to implement effective classroom responses to these key issues.