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Why French? Why not!

Why French? Why not!

Considering French for your child?

Learning a second language can:

  • Improve your child’s learning and listening skills
  • Increase cognitive abilities, creating “outside of the box” thinkers
  • Encourage your child to think critically and creatively
  • Make learning another language much easier

Consider the many advantages that knowing a second language can provide your child with:

  • Rich learning experience
  • Increased educational and career opportunities
  • A strong understanding of different perspectives, cultures, and people
  • An openness to new situations and experiences

French is also one of the easier languages for English speakers to learn because of the similarities in alphabets, sentence structure, and many words.

French Immersion benefits all students

French Immersion is open to everyone. There are no entrance requirements.

There are many benefits to being enrolled in the French Immersion program, such as:

  • Being fluent in a second language (French)
  • Having a greater understanding on the mechanics of a language
  • Learning about a new culture

French beyond High School 

When immersion students graduate from high school, they should have reached a level of proficiency that allows them to enjoy the benefits of bilingualism. Grade 9 students have the opportunity to write the B1 level DELF (Diplôme d’ études en langue Française) exam and our Grade 12’s can write the B2 level exam.  This allows them to attend university in French anywhere in the world without taking a French proficiency exam. 

Consider further studies in French:

  • All Alberta universities offer French courses such as literature and linguistics. Some offer a year in France!
  • The University of Alberta, Campus Saint-Jean offers Canada’s only bilingual commerce program. This campus also French language instruction in Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) and many other programs of study.
  • NAIT offers a full-time bilingual business administration program and evening courses in business communications and marketing.
  • The University of Calgary offers a variety of undergraduate course taught in French, as well as a Certificat d’etudes francaises.

Many schools offer scholarships to students with high academic standings to pursue post-secondary studies in French.