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School Sponsored Masses

To continue to build connections between the Parish, school, and family, each Catholic School is “sponsoring” a Mass within the school year. This means that each school staff along with all students and families will lead the ministries in celebration of Sunday Mass. Afterward, we will celebrate in the hall to eat and visit with the parish community.

2023-2024 School Sponsored Masses:

Date Time School Parish
September 24  11:00 am  St. Michael's School St. Patrick's Church
October 22 13:30 am École St. John Paul II School Holy Family Parish
November 5 10:30 am Monsignor McCoy High School Holy Family Parish
December 2 5:00 pm St. Francis Xavier School St. Patrick's Church
January 27 5:00 pm St. Mary's School St. Patrick's Church
March 3 6:00 pm Mother Teresa School Holy Family Parish
March 17 10:30 pm St. Patrick's School Holy Family Parish
April 20 5:00 pm St. Louis School St. Patrick's Church
May 5 10:30 am Notre Dame Academy Holy Family Parish