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ELP - Grade 12 Collaborative Support Services

MHCBE support structures and teams are designed to facilitate collaboration. Schools are most effective in addressing the needs of students and their families when school authorities, staff members, parents, and community partners work collaboratively. “Collaborative Practices” is a term used by the Alberta government to describe many different activities that support a culture in which children and youth are equipped to overcome challenges and experience success in school.

Using a collaborative approach helps to

  • reduce overlap of the gaps in services
  • enhance relationships among all members of the school community
  • focus on the strengths of the student to promote optimism and motivation
  • increase the community’s capacity to address the needs of children and youth

Collaboration strengthens relationships among members of the school community and allows staff to improve educational outcomes and find innovative solutions to problems. Working together also supports a school community in which children and youth are prepared to overcome challenges and experience success.

By establishing a school-wide continuum of supports, schools and the division can ensure a collaborative response to support inclusive practices and impact the division and school’s strategic priorities.