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Who We Are

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education is a publicly funded School District with approximately 2600 students in 9 schools.

Our School District ensures the integrity and enhancement of Catholic Education. We are a faith-based community that strives to inspire and prepare our students to pray, to learn, to work, to live fully and serve God in one another. Our schools are immersed in faith, offering Liturgies, Masses, and many Celebrations throughout the school year including "Faith Development Days" that enrich the lives of students, our parents and our staff.

Our Journey: Growing in Faith, Learning and Community.

Our Division offers quality Catholic education with a focus on Academic Achievement and Success for all Students. We serve the communities of Medicine Hat, Redcliff, Dunmore and surrounding areas. Our schools operate as Professional Learning Communities through School Success Teams that promote Effective Schools in Safe and Caring environments. Our Technology Integration continues to be second to none. We offer strong core Academic Programming, diverse and inclusive Fine Arts programming, French Immersion, Comprehensive Co-curricular Programming, Academy Programming in Fine Arts and Sports, exceptional Professional Development opportunities and Early Childhood Services that are recognized by Alberta Education for program excellence. We are proud of our History... for over 100 years we have imparted faith to our students and we continue to Nurture Faith in our Classrooms.

Relocating to Medicine Hat will bring you to the city that has more days of sunshine per year than any other city in Canada!

Medicine Hat is a warm, vibrant, feel-good city, with the attitude and natural backdrop to match. The City honours its heritage while fostering progress, innovation and entrepreneurship. We are a dynamic bright spot, with an emerging and growing creative culture. And our quality of life truly does shine.