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St. Francis Xavier School Multisport Academy (Gr 4-6)

St. Francis Xavier School is the only one of its kind in Southern Alberta!

Come join the only elementary Sports Academy in Southern Alberta!

Students in grades 4-6 enrolled in the St. FX Sports Academy will receive increased skill development in four core sports: Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball, and Basketball as well as a chance to experience a variety of fitness and sports option on explore days throughout the school year. All children are welcome!

Our Sports Academy is headed by an expert sports instructor and teacher who is a  paralympic athlete!

The Academy runs for two afternoons every week using facilities at the school, Medicine Hat College, Monsignor McCoy High School and in the Medicine Hat community.

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Online Registration

There will be an additional field on your child's online registration to choose the Academy program.

Payment will be set up through School Cash Online.

There is a $50 clothing fee due on June 1st payable on School Cash Online. You can choose to pay the one-time fee of $500 (due in August) or monthly fees which have to be set up through School Cash Online. Fees will be used for facility rentals, transportation, and equipment purchases.

The St. FX Sports Academy will focus on four sports throughout the year: Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball, and Basketball.  There will also be additional sport experiences throughout the year that will let the students explore more opportunities.  Students will participate in all four sports and do not pick one individual sport to focus on.

Students will now combine their Language art and Social Studies time in a Humanities class.  This is a model that many schools (including one Medicine Hat Catholic school) currently utilize.