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School Bus Running Late? Inclement Weather Delays?

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If you have any questions about scheduling or route, please contact our partners at Southland Transportation at 403-526-4655

Winter Weather Safety Reminders

Winter weather conditions are coming! Parents/guardians are reminded to send children in proper winter clothing and cautioned to take extra care travelling to and from school.

All students should be well prepared for conditions caused by low temperatures and high windchills and should not be left unattended at bus stops or spend any extended period of time outdoors under any circumstance. Parents should form an emergency plan with their children so they have clear instructions on what to do if the bus does not arrive.

Heavy snowfall and winter road conditions can result in school bus schedules being unavoidably delayed. Busses will run as close to schedule as possible, but delays do occur and should be expected. Unexpected mechanical problems causing busses to cool off very quickly may occur more frequently at this time of year. Please ensure children are dressed warmly and appropriately for cold weather.


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  • Schools will remain open during inclement weather unless travel is not recommended.
  • Schools will only close during inclement weather when the Medicine Hat Police Service advises no travel on city streets.
  • School bus cancellation due to inclement weather will be determined by Southland Transportation and communicated to the School District by 5:30am.
  • Announcements about school closures will be posted on the division website and social media.
  • Parents have the ultimate responsibility in making the decision on whether children walk to school or to the school bus during inclement weather.
  • Emergency messaging will be sent via School Messenger by Email, Text Messaging and VoiceMessaging

Students should be coming to school each day dressed for the weather:

  • Warm Winter Coat
  • Snow Pants
  • Toque or hat (covered ears)
  • Mittens/Gloves
  • Warm Winter Boots

Parents are encouraged to visit Southland's website to verify stop points & times for bus routes. 

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education continues to work closely with Southland Transportation to create a positive school bus experience for all students.

Our sincere appreciation to all of the bus drivers and staff at Southland Transportation. Thank you for taking great care, making a difference & keeping our students safe every single day.

We Appreciate Our Bus Drivers

Our sincere appreciation to all of the wonderful bus drivers and staff at Southland Transportation. Thank you for taking great care, making a difference & keeping our students safe every single day.

SOUTHLAND is currently seeking dedicated and safety-minded School Bus Drivers to join our team.  This is an essential role that offers job security, a flexible schedule and allows you to make a difference on the front line by transporting our children to school safely.  

Existing Class 1 or 2 drivers will receive a $3,000 hiring bonus and all other license classes will receive a $1,000 hiring bonus!  Receive half after 3 months and the remainder following the completion of the school year.

Why You Should Choose SOUTHLAND

  • Competitive wages, bonuses, and flexibility within your personal life
  • Modern fleet
  • Evenings, weekends, school holidays (Christmas, Spring Break etc.) and summers off
  • Free training
  • Referral bonuses
  • Save on daycare - bring up to two pre-school aged children with you
  • Employee recognition programs such as long service awards, safety awards, employee recognition banquets
  • Mentorship program, professional development, employee engagement opportunities, and a chance to advance in a growing company
  • Nationally recognized professional driver training program

Bus Routes, Pick Up Locations & Times

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