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Why Choose MHCBE?

Why Choose MHCBE?

The Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education (MHCBE) is a place for students to grow and discover who they are and where they want to go in life. From Kindergarten through Grade 12, education is a hopeful activity that opens doors to the future.

MHCBE believes every student deserves the opportunity to excel and succeed. We strive to ensure that every child - at every age - has this opportunity by providing:

  1. Responsive and diverse educational programs
  2. Outstanding staff and excellent teaching standards, technology, and facilities
  3. Service based on strong ethics and values
  4. Up-to-date technology and facilities
  5. Community involvement in a division composed of urban and rural school communities

MHCBE students achieve exceptional academic results - an achievement supported by our students' excellent Provincial Achievement Test and Diploma Exam results, a three-year graduation rate that is well above the provincial average, and the high number of scholarships and awards our students receive each year.

Education is about more than numbers and results - it's also about encouraging children and youth to become active, caring, and successful citizens. Our dedicated and caring staff is committed to providing an outstanding educational experience for all students, one that guides children in becoming well-rounded individuals.

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