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Counselling Supports

Medicine Hat Family Services

Offers a range of counselling services to individuals and families; services are provided on a sliding fee scale and range from $40-$150 per sessions. Medicine Hat Family Services is also offering free groups for grief and loss support for children and youth aged 8-12 and 12-18. Visit or call 403-504-0351 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Community Connections & Resources

Canadian Mental Health Association

Our local branch offers a variety of supportive programming for mental wellness including education, individual support, as well as groups, for those struggling with mental health, advocacy supports, systems navigation, and connection to other community supports as needed. Call the office at 403-504-1811 or visit for more information or to get connected.

Resources & Links

​What is the Digital Wellness Coalition?

In 2018, the  Digital Wellness Coalition was created in Medicine Hat, Alberta as a result of Addiction and Mental Health staff and Prairie Rose School support staff identifying that some aspects of screen use was becoming a concern among the community. The small group started researching the impacts and sharing resources.  This eventually led to hosting a large (and well-attended) community event in Redcliff with Phil McRae, a prominent researcher/speaker in the field of negative impacts of screen use in schools. The committee then expanded to invite other community members, service providers, and school staff to continue with the work of mindful screen use.  

Purpose: The goals for this group are to:

  • Create awareness around issues related to screen time/use
  • Promote responsible/healthy/mindful use of screens/devices
  • Provide information on the effects of screen use, strategies on limiting use and/or replacing use of screens and devices
  • Help families understand the importance of connection and engagement
  • Collaborate with other professionals/providers re: digital wellness
  • Influence attitudes and behaviours around screen use while collaborating and supporting schools and school authorities 

The group is open to anyone who has an interest in these goals. 

McMan Youth Hub

The Youth Hub provides a variety of supports to youth aged 12-124 and their families; specific supports for mental wellness, employment, family conflict, housing, financial aid and other community supports are available. For more information visit or contact one of the following numbers to connect with a Youth Hub Outreach Worker:

-587-253-1731 | 403-580-9057 | 403-529-7150

Sanare Centre

Provides a variety of support for those who have experienced and may be struggling with the impacts of trauma. Services include advocacy, trauma counselling, education, and victims services navigation supports. For more information visit or call 403-548-2717.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Medicine Hat, they strive to provide children, mentors, and families with the resources to be successful in their agency and to lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Bridge Family Programs - Family Support Hub

The Family Support Hub at Bridges provides free services to families with children of all ages - Hub Naviagators are available to connect families to supports and resources within the community. Bridges also provides a variety of free parent education supports including support groups and classes. For more information, visit or call the office at 403-526-7473 to speak get connected to a Hub Navigator.


Emergency Contact Numbers

Kids Help Phone - 24/7 helpline

Free and confidential 24/7 mental health support through phone call, text, or live chat

Call: 1-800-668-6868

Text: 686868