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World Catholic Education Day

Posted on Aug 4, 2018

Every year, 40 days after Easter, Catholics across the globe give thanks for the gift that is Catholic education through the celebration of World Catholic Education Day. 

Although our Diocese celebrates Catholic Education on the first Sunday of November, World Catholic Education Day is a time for Catholics to take a moment to pause, reflect and pray on the precious gift that is Catholic Education.  


A prayer for Catholic Education:

God of mercy

We thank you for the gift of Catholic education. 

We walk in faith and thanks, guided by those who have gone before us, 

who nurtured and sustained Catholic education. 

We acknowledge that the promse of Catholic education is within us, 

that it is a promise that we live out in our families and communities

and that it is a promise that we proclaim in acts of justice and compassion in word and deed. 

We make this prayer that we may live out the promise of Catholic Education

for many more years to come.