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Transition to Online Learning

Posted on Dec 15, 2020

As announced at the end of November, students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 will continue to attend in-person classes until Christmas Break (Dec. 17). Classes will resume on January 4 as planned, but students will not return to their schools. Instead, they will be learning from home for one week.

We have already received many questions from parents about what this will look like, how much time students will be required to be online, and if it is mandatory for students to participate.

This week is considered part of the regular school year and as such all students are expected to participate to the best of their ability, as they are at any other point during the school year. School-specific communications should be sent out before Christmas Break. 


Teachers will be taking attendance on a regular basis (at least once per day). If students are unable to attend a class or participate in learning on a particular day, parents should report their absence the same way they would if they were absent from an in-person class.

Attendance notification will be sent to parents if students do not check in with their teachers at designated times and parents have not reported their absence to the school.

Timetable and Instruction

Teachers will continue to deliver and evaluate curricular outcomes. Students will be assessed on what they have learned and assignments and projects will demonstrate a high level of academic rigour.

Student Support Services

Students will continue to be able to access some of the services they currently receive through their school such as counselling services. Some supports may be modified.

Expectations for Parents

Parent support will be important for students to be successful while learning from home. Regular communication with your child’s teacher will also be important both to ensure student progress and to advise the teacher of any challenges you are experiencing and what additional support or assistance your child may need to be successful. We want to once again thank our parents and caregivers for the continued support as we navigate these challenging times in education.