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Division Pink Shirt Day - Feb 16.

Posted on Feb 1, 2022

This year, Medicine Hat Catholic schools will recognize Pink Shirt Day on Wednesday, February 16.

Staff and students are encouraged to wear a pink shirt on Pink Shirt Day as a symbol of inclusion, love and a commitment to be kind to each other and ourselves.

Medicine Hat News: Ready to spread love for Pink Shirt Day - Feb. 15, 2022

Division theme for Pink Shirt Day 2022

Let all you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14

In Catholic education, it is our belief that all are beautifully and wonderfully made, created in the image of God and loved unconditionally. This year's division faith theme, "Created in the Image of God", ties in perfectly with our Pink Shit Day focus- let all you do be in love, be kind to each other and ourselves.

Pink Shirt Day Classroom Project

Classrooms across the division are encouraged to share how they show love to others or themselves. Through the art of wiring, drawing or painting, students are sharing their messages of love. Projects will be shared on division social media leading up to February 16.