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Purchasing a personal Chromebook for your child

Posted on Nov 24, 2020

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education is pleased to partner with Staples to give our students the opportunity to purchase their own personal device. Student personal devices can be used at home for homework and also in the classroom, when teaching allows for it (bringing an electronic device to school is not a division or school requirement).

A personally owned device is just that – personal! The student who owns it can invest time, thought and energy in customizing the device, in setting it up to optimize communication, productivity and learning. As a result, the student is typically quite proficient with the device and can use it anytime, anywhere to learn. Any model of Chromebook will be acceptable to use at school. 

The Staples BYOD Program offers:

  • Staples Educational EasyCare Plan which provides replacement guarantees for all defective units, including units accidentally damaged
  • Exclusive pricing on software purchase requirements
  • Competitive pricing *All hardware options are subject to availability, and may change without notice.
  • Several kit options to offer choices for all families
  • Hardware tutorials for students and parents
  • In-store products and technical support
  • Financing available, including interest-free payment plans; OAC
  • 15% discount on accessories
  • Air Miles with purchases

For details on Chromebook models, availability, pricing and financing options please visit Staples or contact them directly at 403-504-2460 ext. 641 and their team will be happy to assist you.

Note: This option is available for those who wish to own their own personal device. Bringing a device to school is not a division or school requirement.