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At-Home Learning

Posted on Aug 13, 2020

What learning options do I have for my child?

In-class learning with health measures in place

It is our belief that learning in a classroom setting keeps children engaged, promotes collaborative learning, helps build relationships, develop social skills, encourages emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. It is our hope that students and families are comfortable and eager to return to the classroom with the proper health measures in place.

At-Home Learning

We understand that due to many factors such as illness, being immunocompromised, having a loved one with a health condition etc., your child may require a learning from home option for a period of time.

Here is what you can expect if your child is learning from home:

  • Your child's teacher will have an online presence allowing students to access lessons, homework and learning materials from home
    • Google Classroom, Voice Thread, Remind App etc.
  • Students and parents will be in regular communication with their teachers
  • A division teacher will be available online daily for additional support

*If your child requires learning from home, please contact your school principal*