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Internet Safety

Posted on Feb 28, 2019


There is a viral internet hoax, “the Momo challenge” going around which is creating concern online. The Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education takes every opportunity to share internet safety best practices with our parents. 

Online challenges such as the Momo Challenge unfortunately do circulate quite regularly. Parents should not overreact; however, it is important that you speak with your children regarding all aspects of their online activity and explain potential risks of using certain online platforms so that they can recognize dangerous online behaviour.


What can families do?

  • This is an excellent opportunity to talk to your child about online safety.
  • Children should be encouraged to report concerning online behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable to a trusted adult.
  • The key to equipping your child with internet safety skills is communication.
  • Talk to your child about not engaging with or following the advice of strangers online.
  • Set reasonable expectations, create house rules.
  • Have access to email accounts and passwords.
  • Teach children how to protect their personal information.
  • Regularly review your child’s online activity and use parental controls as necessary.
  • Parents and children are encouraged not share information or links without verifying their credibility.


We have provided a link to information from the Government of Alberta regarding Internet Safety. The Practical Tools and Guidelines feature provides parents with valuable information on “how to communicate with your kids”, samples of “family online agreements” plus additional resources including “parenting checklists”.


In Medicine Hat Catholic Schools the safety and well-being of our students is always our utmost concern.  In general we encourage parents to have conversations with their children to encourage internet safety.  If you require further information or wish to speak with someone contact your child’s school Principal.