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Halloween Safety Tips

Posted on Oct 31, 2019

While Halloween is an exciting time for all, it is important to educate and remind children about the importance of safety while trick-or-treating.

Here are a few simple tips to ensure everyone has a safe and fun Halloween:

  • Children should trick or treat in groups in a familiar neighbourhood.
  • Younger children should be accompanied by a trusted adult who accompanies them to the door of every home they approach.
  • Review road safety rules with your child, such as looking both ways before crossing the road and create a specific route for children to follow. Stay on side of the street and then cross over at the end of the block. Avoid crisscrossing the street.
  • Carry a flashlight for extra visibility and only visit homes where the lights have been turned on.
  • Remind children to never enter a stranger’s home or vehicle.
  • Ensure children are dressed for the weather and that their costumes are easily visible by incorporating bright colors and reflective taped.
  • Avoid masks with limited visibility or use face paint instead.
  • Inspect all candy received and throw away any unwrapped or unsealed items.

Happy Halloween from our MHCBE family to yours. Have fun and be SAFE!