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Faith Formation Day 2022

Posted on Aug 26, 2022

Yesterday, on August 26, our staff gathered together for our annual division-wide Faith Formation Day!

We began our day by meeting at the Medicine Hat College to watch Catholic speaker & musician, Chris Bray, speak and share his music with us!

Chris spoke to us about “How God Wants to Transform Our Hearts” and “How God Wants to Use Us to Reach Others."

In the afternoon, we gathered at Holy Family Parish for our division mass where Bishop William McGrattan led the mass. 

We welcome and recognize new staff from 2021-2022:

·      Shayla Bennett
·      Kirsten Blasetti
·      Candace-Joy Coehoorn
·      Jacelyn Desnoyers 
·      Colin Desnoyers
·      Abbey Durst
·      Justine Fiegler
·      Dawn Goldsmith
·      Gladys Gourlay
·      Amber Hamilton
·      Melissa Hanna
·      Madalyn Harpell
·      Rebecca Jackiw 
·      Alicia Jones
·      Jayne Kehler
·      Jennifer Kiiskila
·      Tiana Lang
·      Abby Larochelle
·      Brianna MacPherson 
·      Kimberley Miller
·      Misty Parker
·      Josh Pettipas
·      Jared Stepp
·      Daniele Trembecki 
·      Derek Whitson
·      Rod Willier
·      Christine Ziegenhagel

We were all so blessed to gather as an MHCBE family again to kick off the 2022-2023 school year.