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Face of Christ Award Recipient and Nominees

Posted on Jun 8, 2021

At the Public Board Meeting on June 8, the Board of Trustees for the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education formally recognized our 2021 Face of Christ Award recipient, Brenda McDowell.

The Face of Christ Award was created by the Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education to acknowledge a support staff member who deserves to be recognized for providing outstanding support to their school communities.

Brenda has been in our school division for many years and is currently a Learning Assistant at St. Mary's School. Vice Principal Brad van Middelkoop described her as dedicated and an incredible influence to everyone she comes across.

"She is extraordinarily trustworthy and reliable, and she only speaks kind words - even in the midst of some of the most incredibly unkind situations," said van Middelkoop. "She's patient and she's calm. Every student who works with Brenda has an enabling experience."

Brenda works with students and staff and goes above and beyond with contributions to liturgically-themed bulletin boards, helping at the school library and so much more.

"I want to thank the board and everyone, I'm very humbled and very fortunate every day to go to work where I can live my faith, see the face of Christ in every staff member, every student," said McDowell. "I'm so blessed to be a part of (St. Mary's)."

Congratulations Brenda!

We would also like to recognize our award nominees. These individuals go beyond their job descriptions to make a difference in our schools and we are blessed to have them in our MHCBE family!

Cathy Bachmier
Secretary, St. Michael's School

Jaime Franco
Custodian, St. Francis Xavier School

Jennifer Rocheleau
Learning Assistant, St. Michael's School

Congratulations to our incredible award nominees. Thank you all for your service!


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