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Pastoral Renewal Survey - June 1 & 2, 2024

Posted on May 23, 2024

The Good Shepherd communicates with and deeply understands his sheep. In this Pastoral Renewal Survey, the Church endeavours to truly listen to the thoughts, needs, concerns, and hopes of our parishioners, so that we may better serve and accompany God's people on their journey. "My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me." John 10:27. 

Following all weekend Masses on June 1 and 2 (Corpus Christi Sunday), parishioners aged 18 and older are invited to participate in the Pastoral Renewal Survey.

  • Plan to invite family members and friends who consider the parish their home to participate in the Survey.
  • Assist in the delivery of the Survey to family members or those who are homebound or in senior facilities.
  • The Survey can be completed either online or on paper.
    • Please bring a portable electronic device (phone, iPad, etc.) if you plan to complete the Survey online.
    • Don’t forget to bring a pen/pencil if you choose the paper option.
  • The Survey will be available at the parish from June 1 to June 14.
  • There are 22 questions in the Survey, estimated to take between 10-12 minutes to complete. 
  • For more details, please check your parish's bulletin or website.

About the Pastoral Renewal Survey

  1. Purpose: As a pivotal part of our renewal journey, the Pastoral Renewal Survey serves as a tool to encourage parishioners to reflect on their discipleship journey. It also equips parish leadership with valuable insights to make informed decisions, fostering the growth of each individual's faith.

  2. Content: Feedback sought in the survey aligns with the model of parish life that authentically responds to the nature of the Christian community and addresses the specific needs of our Church today, particularly focusing on the three areas of diocesan pastoral priority: formation, community, and family. Specific areas of inquiry include parishioners' demographics, faith practices, and experiences within the parish. 

  3. Participation: The survey is open to all parishioners aged 18 years or older within the Diocese, and participation is entirely voluntary. Parishioners can complete the survey in-pew using their parish-specific URL or QR code. A paper option is also available. Each adult member of the household is encouraged to complete the survey individually. 

  4. Time: All parishes will conduct the survey at the end of the weekend Masses of June 1 and June 2. Additionally, the survey link will be accessible on parish websites and social media platforms from June 1 to June 14.

  5. Benefit: Each parish will receive a generated report and analysis containing crucial insights for their parish community. These findings will aid parish leadership and renewal teams in their pastoral renewal planning in the fall of 2024.

Your voice matters! Help shape the future of our faith community and the journey of discipleship.

Thank you for your support!