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Free Presentation: Focus on the 90%

Posted on Apr 3, 2024
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Our school division is thrilled to welcome Darci Lang back to Medicine Hat for a second time this school year!

Darci joined staff in November for our division-wide health and wellness PD Day (video) where she shared her empowering message and perspective on how we view life and face everyday challenges. A message that was so well received, we are bringing her back for staff, parents and community members to experience.

FREE Presentation Details:

  • Thursday, April 18 at 7:00 p.m.
  • Medicine Hat College Eresman Theatre
  • This session is FREE and is open to staff, parents and community members!

Darci's Focus on the 90% presentation reflects a "my life is my message" approach. Her presentation inspires audience members to focus a magnifying glass on the 90% of their life that is positive and empowers them to be and feel their best.

Darci will challenge where you focus your magnifying glass when reflecting on:

Yourself - The person in the mirror, your own mental health, and wellness. She'll help you to become the best version of yourself. 

The people around you - Leading, working, and supporting others. Morale in a workplace is an indicator of productivity. Darci will fill your toolbox full of professional and personal tools.

Your personal life - She'll show you how to be a positive influence at home and be an example of wellness for others to follow.

Learn more about Darci and her philosophy here.