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Return to Class Q&A

Posted on Jan 7, 2022

January 7, 2022

As announced earlier this week, students will return to in-person learning on Monday, January 10, 2022 with the added safety of access to rapid tests and medical-grade masks. The Government of Alberta is providing at-home rapid test kits and medical-grade masks for use by students and staff members. These are expected to start arriving in school divisions next week. It’s highly recommended students wear medical-grade masks to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in schools. Click here to view the full announcement.

Here are a few highlights and best practices as we prepare for a safe return to class next week:

  • Staff and students must continue to review the Alberta Health Daily Checklist with their children before sending them to school.
  • Masking is mandatory for students in grades 4 and up, including staff and teachers in all grades. Masks are required on school buses. Masks are recommended for students attending kindergarten to Grade 3. Please send your child to school with a mask each morning.
  • Regular hand washing and sanitizing will continue in our schools. Staff and students are asked to set aside intentional time to wash and sanitize their hands regularly throughout the school day.
  • At-home rapid tests will be distributed by your child’s school.  A box of 5 will be sent home with each student and staff member (expected mid-January). Please note: Rapid tests are optional and are to be administered at home.
  • Masks will be distributed by each school at their discretion. Schools may choose to keep masks to distribute to students at school. 

We understand families may have additional questions regarding school re-entry next week, we have prepared a short Q&A that you will find here. It is our hope that this document will help families better understand the changes moving forward. Please note, this document may require updates/changes as early as next week as school divisions await the formal guidelines from the Government of Alberta. Once the updated guidelines have been shared with school divisions, more information will be shared with staff and families (including an updated Q&A document).

We ask for patience as we adjust to these new operational guidelines and prepare additional communications for families. Thank you for your continued understanding and cooperation.

God bless! 

Dr. Dwayne Zarichny
Superintendent of Schools
Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education