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Rejoice and Be Glad! Catholic Education Week 2019

Posted on May 1, 2019

"Rejoice and be glad!" Medicine Hat Catholic Schools are thrilled to be celebrating the gift of Catholic Education for an entire week! From May 5- 10, our schools will be celebrating District-Wide with a daily theme, service projects, school-wide exercises and more!

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School Activity Themes and Highlights:

We Rejoice with our Parish

MHCBE Trustees, Senior Admin, District Principals & Vice Principals will be involved in various ministries this weekend. 

We Rejoice with our Community

St. Patrick's School: Hands of God – all students and staff trace their hands and tape them on the wall of the front hallway – write a prayer or message.

Monsignor McCoy High School: Access52 Motivational Speaker Michael Chiasson will be coming to talk to students. Grade 9's from St. Mary's & Notre Dame Academy will also attend. 

Michael Chiasson Parent Session at 7:00pm.

We Rejoice with our Students

Ecole St. John Paul II School: Living Rosary at 12:00 pm in the gym.

St. Michael's School: Reading buddies pray a decade of The Rosary together to Bless our Catholic Schools.

We Rejoice in Creating Holy Moments

St. Louis School: Classes will be writing Thank You notes for our bus drivers, Priests, nuns and church staff.

St. Francis Xavier School: Grade 2/3 Chalk Art Rosary.

We Rejoice with our Families and Volunteers

Notre Dame Academy: NDA Appreciation Drive Thru- coffee and Timbits given to parent and bus drivers in the morning as they drive up to drop their children off.

St. Mary's School: Recognize bus drivers with Tim Horton's Gift Cards.

We Rejoice in our Service

Ecole St. John Paul II School: Breaking Bread – each class will share a loaf of bread and grape juice.

Community Clean Up & Service Projects by St. Michael's School, St. Mary's School, St. Francis Xavier School & St. Patrick's School.

Daily Prayers for Catholic Education Week:

SundayWe pray for Catholic Education in Alberta that with the Gospels as inspiration and guide, we be able to continue sharing the Master Teacher, Jesus Himself, in all aspects of our Catholic Schools

Monday – We pray for Catholic Education in Alberta, where students learn about the dignity of all persons, created in the image of God and called to live in Christ in this life and in the life to come.

Tuesday We pray for Catholic Education: that students and their families in our Catholic schools may experience the blessings, love, and graces poured out to them by God the Father. 

Wednesday- We pray for Catholic Education: That our Catholic schools may be strengthened by God’s grace, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and encouraged by the example of Christ Jesus.

Thursday- We pray for Catholic Education:  that the good works of our Catholic schools may reveal Christ’s love to others.

Friday- We pray for Catholic Education in Alberta that our Catholic Schools continue to nurture relationships of faith, hope, and charity among students, parents and teachers.

Letter from the Catholic Bishops of Alberta & NWT 2019
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