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Ash Wednesday & Pink Shirt Day

Posted on Feb 18, 2020

This year Pink Shirt Day and Ash Wednesday both fall on Wednesday, February 26. Pink Shirt Day is a day to proudly wear a pink shirt as a visual representation to stand up for others and choose kindness. Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent and one of the most reflective times in our Catholic faith. On this day we receive ashes on our foreheads with the words "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel".

Pink Shirt Day and Ash Wednesday do not have to be separate - in fact, they are both representations of kindness and faith. One to say that we respect others around us and one to say that we follow Jesus. This year's Pink Shirt Day Theme is "Lift Each Other Up". As we know, Jesus is the ultimate example of kindness and the one that truly models “lifting each other up”.

On February 26, MHCBE staff and students will proudly wear pink shirts and receive their ashes on the same day. This day is a beautiful visual representation of our faith and promise to spread kindness as Jesus would.

Don't forget to wear your Pink Shirt on Wednesday, February 26!