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Annual Education Results Report 2021-2022

Posted on Dec 12, 2022

At the public board meeting on November 29th, the MHCBE Board of Trustees approved the Annual Education Results Report (AERR) 2021-2022. This report was then submitted to Alberta Education on November 30th. Over the years our Catholic schools have continued to demonstrate high results in many of the Accountability Pillar categories resulting in very high marks for our school division and across the province!   

Letter from Board Chair, Kathy Glasgo  
Annual Education Results Report 2021-2022
AERR Summary 2021-2022

"Our Catholic schools are rooted in biblical values and it is through this lens that we provide Christ centered support to the students and families entrusted to us. We are proud of the hard work of our students who remind us daily why we are part of the vocation of Catholic educators." 

- Ms. Kathy Glasgo, Board Chair