Notre Dame Academy


Notre Dame Academy believes that Catholic education is a ministry that is at the heart of the Church.


Neal Siedlecki - Principal

Lon Bosch - Vice Principal

Andrea Finlay - Administrative Assistant

Cheryl Aasman - Administrative Assistant


      • Building Relationships with Our Students and Each Other
      • Helping ALL Students Learn
      • Faith Development through Service


Enhancing Student Learning through ... school improvement and faith development

Student/Staff Relations: The Notre Dame community will foster positive relationships that are safe, caring, and enthusiastic.

Catholic Education:  Daily we strive to live the beliefs of our Catholic faith enhanced by prayer, celebrations, and service.

Variety of Programs and Activities:   Notre Dame Academy will offer a wide variety of programs and activities for all students to enhance learning.

Excellence in Education:  Through the use of teamwork and technology students will be encouraged to strive for excellence in all learning activities and programs.

Teamwork Approach: Students, staff, parents and community working together to build a positive and supportive learning environment.



Get In The Game


(Get involved in all aspects of your schooling.)

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