Principles of Practice

In our ministry we are called, always and everywhere, to:

  • Model Christ

  • Prayer

  • Service

  • Strive for Excellence

  • Build Community

Translating Ideas into Actions

We are called to model Christ

  • Christ's life and teaching serve as our foundation.
  • We provide an education based on the teachings of Christ:
    • What would Jesus do? How did He act when faced with challenge or adversity?
    • We look for the lesson in every situation.
    • Empty yourself of your "self."
    • We make time for prayer.
  • We provide a Christian environment.
    • We nurture each student in a positive, caring, and safe learning environment.
    • We work out of love, not fear.
    • We are constant in our love and actions.
    • We ensure the equality of opportunity for each child and a respect for individual differences.

We are called to be Prayerful

  • Prayer brings us into a better relationship with God and others.
  • It is a way of life in our Catholic faith.
    • Our Catholic faith permeates our buildings in actions and symbols.
    • We celebrate the traditions of the Church.

We are called to Service

  • Service is an extension of modelling Christ.
    • We need to celebrate our ability to serve.
    • We find joy in service. It is in giving that we receive.
  • Teachers are faith leaders, modelling Christian values.
    • We practice Christian Leadership.
    • Actions speak louder than words.
  • We encourage our students to practice Christian service.

We are called to Strive for Excellence

  • Excellence is the essence of who we are.
  • It fits with our vision and mission.
  • It is about reaching individual potential - being the best we can be.
    • Our schools promote spiritual, physical, academic, emotional and social development, which allows students to achieve their individual potential.
  • Facilitating opportunities for growth and promoting best teaching practices.
  • Opportunity to live what we believe.

We are called to Build Community

  • Building community is an extension of our mission and our faith.
  • Building community sets the stage for everything else we do.
    • Our students are supported by parents, parish, and community.
    • Our schools work together for the benefit of the District.
    • Our schools welcome all.
  • We need relationships and networks to face the challenges we have.
    • Working together we can do more.
    • Community shows us we need each other and that we can seek out support.
    • We can build on the strengths of others.

Our schools work together for the benefit of the District