Red Wednesday - November 20

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On Wednesday, November 20, the Church in Canada will acknowledge Red Wednesday, a day of prayer for persecuted Christians.

The purpose of Red Wednesday is for Christians to join together and raise a strong voice in support of persecuted around the world who are unable to speak freely, and who look to us - brothers and sisters in Christ - to speak on their behalf.

In Partnership with Aid to the Church in Need and The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary, Medicine Hat Catholic Schools will support this initiative by engaging in prayer and wearing red in solidarity on November 20. 

Red Wednesday Prayers & Resources 

Prayer is the bond that unites us in love and solidarity with our brothers and sisters who suffer and are persecuted for their love of Jesus. Please join us in praying this Red Wednesday prayer throughout November for persecuted Christians.

Prayer for Persecuted Christians

Lord Jesus Christ,

As the Good Shepherd, You gave Your life for all people.

You have personally called each one of us to serve suffering and persecuted Christians.

In them, You continue Your passion for the redemption of the world. It is a grace to vary the cross with them. 

Grant us love, courage and readiness to sacrifice so that we can aid and console our brothers and sisters in faith. 

Fill us with Your merciful love for one another, that we may also bless our enemies and forgive them. Thus, we want to joyfully testify to Your presence in the world and find fullness of life in you.