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School-Based Supports

Community Coming Together (CCT) is a mental health capacity-building initiative within MHCBE schools that works to promote positive mental health in children, youth, families, and support individuals in the community who interact with children and youth. CCT Wellness Facilitators work in all MHCBE schools.

Community Coming Together (CCT) Website 

School Administrators and/or Learning Service Facilitators assist schools in meeting the needs of diverse learners. They help to organize, maintain, and integrate services in the school and, as part of a school-based team, provide the major link with support services available at the district level. Administrators assume Learning Service Facilitator duties in MHCBE elementary schools.  

Resource and Resiliency Workers work collaboratively with the school staff in supporting student regulation, the positive development of student behavior, and social-emotional learning.

Learning Assistants: Under the direction of teachers, learning assistants work directly with students individually or in small groups to deliver activities that reinforce and advance their educational program.