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COVID-19 Contact Tracing FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How will families be notified regarding positive cases in schools?

As COVID-19 cases continue to trend upward in our region, positive cases of COVID-19 will be present in public spaces including schools. When schools become aware of the first positive case, a letter from the principal will be sent to families via email. After this point, families will be notified IF a significant number of cases (10% or more) of respiratory illness are present.

Is Alberta Health Services continuing contact tracing?

As of July 29, 2021, Alberta Health Services is no longer notifying school divisions when a positive case is connected to a school. 

For additional information on AHS response to COVID-19 in schools: Guidance for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools.   

I received a notification that my child’s school has a case of COVID-19, how will I know if my child is a close contact? Does my child need to isolate? 

As per Alberta Health Services, close contacts are no longer required to isolate. Students are not required to quarantine if there is a case of COVID-19 at school, even if that case is in their classroom. Parents/guardians are encouraged to vigilantly monitor their child(ren) for core symptoms and stay home/get tested for COVID-19 if they are sick. Learn more

Will schools share the class/grade of the positive case(s)?

While schools are asked to share student/staff information with Alberta Health Services Public Health under the Public Health Act, it is important for school staff and administration to protect student/staff information, including NOT disclosing any personal information that may identify individuals who are COVID-19 cases to other members of the school community or to the public. To ensure compliance with the Public Health Act and FOIP (Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) specific classrooms will not be identified or disclosed.

Will staff and families receive a notification every time there is an additional case of COVID-19 identified at my child’s school? 

A notification will not be sent with every positive case identified at the school. If the number of respiratory illnesses increases significantly, Alberta Health Services will be involved and an update will be shared with families via email.

At what point does Alberta Health Services get involved?

Alberta Health Services continues to work with school authorities to manage significant numbers of respiratory illnesses in schools. Schools will let AHS know if 10% of students, or more, are home because they are or might be sick. AHS will investigate and may declare an outbreak of a respiratory illness at school, and additional measures may be put in place. 

Will classrooms and shared spaces be disinfected in my child’s school?

Each school is disinfected each evening with high-touch services washed and sanitized throughout the school day. If a case of COVID-19 is identified, the school principal will notify the facilities team and enhanced disinfection will take place in all affected areas. 

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