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Contact Notification Process

Contact Notifications

Parents/guardians will now be notified if their child has been exposed to a COVID-19 case who was present at school while infectious. This may include in their classroom, on the school bus or during a school-related activity (club/sports/out of school care).

Contact notification letters will be sent to parents/guardians via email From: Subject: School Contact Notification.

Parents/guardians can expect a contact notification:

  • Each time a new positive case of COVID-19 is identified in your child’s classroom, parents/guardians will be sent a notification letter. Children may continue in-person learning. 
  • If a case of COVID-19 has been identified on your child’s school bus or school-based extracurricular (team/club/out of school care), you will also receive a notification letter. Children may continue in-person learning. 
  • If a school has 10 or more cases in a 14 day period, they will transition to outbreak status. All school parents/guardians will receive a notification letter. Children may continue in-person learning. 
  • Grades K-6 only: If three positive cases of COVID-19 are identified in your child’s classroom in a five-day period, the class will transition to at-home learning for 10 calendar days. 

The intention of the notification letter is to let families know when their child has been in contact with an infectious case of COVID-19. Parents/guardians should monitor their child(ren) closely after receiving this communication and test for COVID-19 should symptoms arise. 

Schools with 2 or more cases who were present at school while infectious will be listed publicly here: 

A list of Division COVID-19 Cases can be found here. This page will be updated daily.

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*only cases that are determined infectious while at school

What is “Contact Notification”?

Contact Notification is the process of notifying parents/guardians if their child has been in contact with a case of COVID-19 that was deemed infectious at school. This process is different from “Close Contact Tracing” used during the 2020-2021 school year. Students will not be required to quarantine/isolate if they receive a contact notification.

Who will contact me if my child is in contact with a case of COVID-19 at school?

Parents/guardians will be notified via email each time there is a positive case identified in their child’s classroom, or if the school transitions to outbreak status (10 cases in a 14 day period). Contact notification letters will be sent to parents/guardians via email

From: Subject: School Contact Notification. 

If your contact information has changed, please make sure you update your PowerSchool Parent Portal.

When will I receive a letter regarding COVID-19 from my school division

  • If there is a case identified in my child’s classroom, bus or school-based extracurricular (team/club/out of school care)
  • If my child’s class is moving to at-home learning for 10 days due to 3 cases identified within their classroom within 5 calendar days (only grades K-6)
  • If my child’s school moves to outbreak status (10 or more cases)

What should I do if I receive a contact notification email?

If you receive a contact notification email, your child is not required to isolate or quarantine and is still able to attend school. The notification is intended to keep families informed and to encourage parents/guardians to monitor their children more vigilantly for symptoms of COVID-19.

Will staff and families receive a notification every time there is an additional case of covid-19 identified at my child’s school/classroom? 

Parents/guardians will receive a notification letter each time a case* of COVID-19 is identified in their classroom. After the third case in a 5-day period, children grades K-6 will transition to at-home learning. Grades 7-12 will continue to be sent notification letters if positive/infectious cases have been identified in school. All families will be notified if the school is on outbreak status (10 cases).

What is the new definition of an “outbreak”?

A school outbreak will now be reported as 10 or more COVID-19 cases within a 14 day period that were infectious while at school. The previous use of a 10% absenteeism rate will no longer be used for COVID-19 cases but will remain in place for other respiratory or gastrointestinal illnesses.

When will school contact notifications begin?

During the week of October 12th, contact notification within schools will begin across Alberta. Alberta Health Services will be sharing case-specific information with our school division. School divisions will determine in school close contacts and will notify parents/guardians of the identified contacts.

Do I still let my school principal know if my child has tested positive for COVID-19?

Yes, please continue to let your child’s school know if they have tested positive. Alberta Health Services will also be working directly with our school division to ensure all cases of COVID-19 deemed infectious at school are identified.

Will schools share the class/grade of the positive case(s)?

Schools will share the class that is affected, but personal information of staff/children will not be disclosed to the public. 

Is school still a safe space for my child?

All Medicine Hat Catholic Schools continue to:

  • Promote frequent hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette.
  • Clean and disinfect high touch surfaces throughout the school day
  • Stay at home if you are not feeling well.
  • Assigned seating and masking on busses.

Contact Notification - A notification letter sent to parents/guardians if their child has an active case of COVID-19 in their classroom/school. Families who receive the contact notification should closely monitor their child for symptoms and get their child tested for COVID-19 if symptoms arise. This is not a mandatory quarantine letter.

Outbreak - An outbreak is reported when 10 or more cases are confirmed in an investigation, where the disease could have been acquired or transmitted in the school.

Exclusion - exclusion from the classroom (at-home learning for 10 calendar days).