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In November, we asked our stakeholders for feedback on our 3-Year Capital Plan and division consolidation project. The proposal of building a new K-9 school and theatre on the existing St. Francis Xavier site. This would include the closure of St. Mary's School, St. Michael's School, St. Francis Xavier School, and the relocation of the French immersion students from École St. John Paul II School. 

We used ThoughtExchange which uses built-in qualitative data analysis tools to organize and simplify participants' feedback! 

What We Heard FAQ

Participants: 355 Thoughts: 269 Ratings: 6,914


Percentage Number of Participants Demographic
72% 246 Parent/Guardian
22% 77 Staff Member
1% 6 Student
17% 59 Community Member


Frequently Asked Questions

While the design of a new building has not been completed, it would most likely be designed either in a "wing" format or a two-story building. This would ensure that there would not be an overlap between older students and younger students. One of the benefits however of this type of arrangement is that older students can mentor younger students. Opportunities for reading buddies etc. are created by younger students having access to older students.

Typically, the larger a school is, the more opportunities there are for economies of scale, resulting in more staff and resources being made available. Additionally, a larger school would provide access to new programming such as career and technology studies (CTS), which would not typically be available to younger students. A facility such as this allows for the creation of synergies between all programs, staff, and students which results in a broader complement of program options.

The jurisdiction has recently increased counseling time for all schools. A consolidated school this size would enable the jurisdiction to have a dedicated counseling team for the new complex. 

While the design of the building has not yet occurred, a redesign of the entire field structure will take place to ensure that we have the best use of the space available, so we do not lose access to any ball diamonds. 

Currently, there is property that could be accessed if this project moves forward, which would allow for a much larger parking area to be developed.

One option available is to stagger school start times to minimize the overlap of buses at the start and end of the school day. 

While some schools definitely have that "small school feel", schools can be designed to have the same feeling regardless of their size.  This can be accomplished through "houses" or other grouping and also by the physical design of the school. The culture of a school is impacted more by the staff, students and parents than the size.