Alberta Health Services

Medicine Hat Catholic Board of Education routinely posts information from Alberta Health Services, including Health Services Alerts.

Any Public Health Alerts received from Alberta Health Services (AHS) will be shared with our school community.

June 7, 2017. RE: PERTUSSIS (Whooping Cough) Outbreak Declared in South Zone 

Click here to view letter sent from AHS- School Memo RE: Pertussis



February 23, 2017. Links below provide general information about Mumps:

Click here to view the letter sent from AHS- School Memo RE: Mumps
Click here for AHS Information about Mumps. 
Click here for
My Health Alberta is an AB Government and AHS site to give Albertans one place to go for health information.


Influenza is serious. Prevention is your protection.

*Get immunized!
*Clean your hands
*Cover your cough
*Stay home when sick
*Stay fit and healthy

Immunization clinics are available in Medicine Hat as of October 24th! Vaccines will be offered, free of charge, to all Albertans six months of age and older.

Vaccines make your immune system stronger by building antibodies, which help prevent diseases. Immunization is very safe. It’s much safer to get immunized than to get this disease.

Click Here for Influenza (FLU) Vaccine Information

Click Here for Influenza Immunization Schedule 


Fentanyl Information for Teachers and Parents

As you may know there is a growing health crisis across Canada related to rising numbers of deaths associated with illicit Fentanyl. Kids and young adults are especially vulnerable to substances since their brains are still developing. It is not always easy, but talking to your kids about fentanyl and other dangerous drugs is one of the best things you can do to keep them safe.

Click Here for Fentanyl: What you need to know